As part of our Sargodhian community, you carry with you a sense of fraternity and benevolence that we all developed during our time at PAF College Sargodhia. Each of us has taken different paths since our days at the College, but we remain bound by a shared commitment to giving back to our community. This is the platform where we come together in that spirit.

The Contribute page serves as a central hub for all Sargodhian alumni to lend their support to the various projects we run. It is a testament to our collective desire to ensure that the Sargodhian spirit not only survives but thrives, both within our community and beyond.

From the upcoming Sargodhian Benevolent Fund (SBF) to various other projects under consideration, there are numerous avenues for you to get involved. These initiatives are designed to empower Sargodhians, uplift our communities, and extend our legacy of camaraderie and goodwill.

Whether you wish to provide financial support, donate resources, volunteer your time, or share your expertise, your contributions can make a significant difference. Each act of giving, no matter how big or small, goes a long way in strengthening our community and ensuring that the Sargodhian spirit continues to inspire and benefit generations to come.

We understand that every Sargodhian has unique capacities to give, and we value all forms of contribution. This is not just about financial donations - it's about contributing your time, skills, and ideas as well. We encourage you to explore the many ways you can contribute and find an avenue that aligns with your capabilities and passions.

We welcome your interest and generosity as we work together to fortify the bonds of our community and extend our reach. Every contribution counts, every effort matters. Let's continue to stand up for each other, reinforce our commitment, and build an even stronger Sargodhian community. Together, we can make a difference. Together, we are Sargodhians.