The spirit of fraternity and giving back has always been at the core of the Sargodhian community. To further this spirit, we are proud to announce the upcoming establishment of the Sargodhian Benevolent Fund (SBF). This initiative embodies our collective commitment to providing assistance and support within our community.

The SBF is currently in the planning phase and is being carefully designed with the Sargodhian spirit of benevolence and camaraderie in mind. Its objective is to establish a reliable fund that can provide financial aid and resources to Sargodhians in need, promoting the principle of Sargodhians standing up for each other.

Once established, the SBF will offer a structured platform for members of our alumni network to contribute towards, and benefit from, a network of support that stretches across the globe. It will provide help in times of financial crises, offer support for educational pursuits, and facilitate in various other situations where a fellow Sargodhian might need assistance.

This endeavor is a testament to our commitment towards each other - a reinforcement of the bond that was formed during our formative years at PAF College Sargodhia, and has since then only grown stronger.

As we work towards the realization of this project, we welcome ideas, contributions, and involvement from all Sargodhians. The Sargodhian Benevolent Fund is more than a financial safety net; it's a reflection of the unity, empathy, and strength of our community.

We look forward to sharing more updates on the SBF soon. Together, let's make this vision a reality. Together, we are Sargodhians.