Welcome to the Australia Chapter of the Sargodhian alumni community, a vibrant extension of our global network for Sargodhians residing in Australia. Established with a strong commitment to uphold the values, discipline, and academic excellence we gained at PAF College, Sargodhia, this chapter serves as a linchpin for camaraderie and mutual support among Sargodhians Down Under.

As a member of the Australia Chapter, you'll find an enriching platform designed to facilitate personal and professional growth. From fostering new friendships to expanding your career network, the chapter offers a plethora of opportunities for meaningful engagement. Whether you're an industry veteran or a recent graduate, our chapter provides a welcoming environment for all Sargodhians in Australia.

Though this chapter primarily caters to Sargodhians in Australia, it stands as a beacon of our international brotherhood and is open to any Sargodhian living abroad.

Join us in this exciting chapter of our collective journey, as we continue to strengthen the Sargodhian legacy in Australia and around the globe. We eagerly await your active participation and are confident that, together, we will keep the Sargodhian spirit alive and thriving.

Welcome to the Australia Chapter, where Sargodhians from all walks of life come together to celebrate our shared history and forge our shared future.