SOBA Re Union 2022 Report

SOBA Re Union 2022 Report

SOBA Reunion 2022


1. SOBA organized a Reunion of Old Boys at Sargodha College on 24th of October 2022. The last Reunion was held in October 2018. This long gap was due to Covid restrictions. In the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held during the 2018 Reunion it was decided by Sargodhians that in order to reduce Reunion related administrative and logistic burden at the College, the Reunion would be held at Sargodha after every three years. It was also agreed that in between Reunion would be held after one year at one of the Chapters as decided by Sargodhians. The Reunion 2019, 2020 and 2021 could not be held. In mid this year Covid finally appeared to be receding and a decision was thus made to hold the Reunion at Sargodha College on 24th October as a day event.

2. Alumni website was used to register the participants besides every Chapter undertook this activity. The College made excellent preparatory arrangements for the event. The boys had a stand down that day and very enthusiastically participated in all the arrangements including welcoming, hosting and conducting the old boys.

3. To facilitate Sargodhians a travel arrangement was made by SOBA. In included three Coaster coaches each from Islamabad and Lahore and one from Peshawar. C-130 airlift was arranged from Karachi. Several Sargodhians travelled on their own also to reach the College.

4. Two reception tents were hoisted in front of Iqbal/Fury House and a souvenir shop was set up in front of the Thunder Block (Old PAF Hospital). In addition to a vast variety of souvenirs the hobbies club had also displayed the handiwork of pre cadets. This stall was quite a hit and many Sargodhians made purchases from here. The programme of for the day and the agenda for AGM are placed below. On arrival all old boys were registered and after a cup of tea they took a round of their respective houses. The College had made special arrangements to have the Odeon Block also opened for the old boys for that day. Old boys would know the Odeon Block that housed Alam and Alaudding Houses had been handed over to the Air Base Inter College and was no longer a part of the College. Old Boys from these houses were very excited on having this opportunity and visited their old houses with great enthusiasm.

5. Sargodhians then had lunch in the dining hall and moved to Rehman Auditorium for the AGM. Ladies had the opportunity to visit the History Room and the College Library during this time. The AGM was conducted as planned. An important decision taken during the meeting was that the next Reunion would be held at Islamabad on 15 Oct 2023, plus minus one week. After the AGM there was a group photo of the participants outside the auditorium facing the library. Tea was served at this time. After Maghrib prayers the old boys, college faculty and the pre cadets assembled in the auditorium again to witness the variety programme presented by the Dramatics Club. Before the show there were speeches by the Principal, a Sargodhian from 1st entry and from President SOBA. This was followed by a group photo of SOBA officials. The participant of the variety programme then entertained the audience with their enthusiastic acting and singing skills. Everyone was full of applause on the fantastic display of talent by the young pre cadets.

6. At the conclusion of the variety programme everyone moved to the Hockey-1 ground in front of the Academic Block. A huge canopy had been erected over there to house the dinner venue. After assembly the Reunion Cake was cut by the College Head Boy together with SOBA President and senior Sargodhians. Dinner was then served. After dinner it was time to leave. Sargodhians boarded their transports as per schedule and departed on their home journey.

7. Sargodhians were very excited on visiting their alma mater after a long gap and were very grateful to the Principal and SOBA for organizing a memorable event with such a great success. The old boys bid farewell with a promise to meet again in Islamabad for the Reunion 2023.