Handover Ceremony

Handover Ceremony


Handover Ceremony

Sargodhian Overseas Network Association (SONA)  Hosted A Leadership Handover Ceremony

SONA current president Mr Sohail Shafi held a meeting on 24th Nov, 2020, and formally took the oath and handed over the baton to the newly elected leadership team, headed by new President Nadeem Zaman. In his address outgoing President Sohail Shafi highlighted the SONA history and its transformation from "Sargodhian of North America" to "Sargodhian Overseas Network Association". President Shafi also recognized the efforts of all the past leadership teams that helped alumni bond, established SONA as a registered entity, created the charter, supported local SONA members in need, started SONA matrimony and provided financial support to SST. They also held a grand reunion in Washington, DC that was attended by over 200 SONA members. Outgoing SONA leadership team also facilitated the smooth running of all activities organized by the association. and acknowledge the support from the SOBA Management.

In his address, new President Zaman expressed his gratitude to the former President Shafi and his team for passing down their invaluable experiences. President Zaman also vowed to lead the newly elected global team: 

- General Secretary - Wajahat Anjum, Houston, Texas 
- Operations Director Talh Kalim, Dubai, UAE
- Treasurer Ashraf Malik, Toronto, Canada
- Communication Director Sohail Raza, Den Hague, Holland

.... and to continue to strengthen the association and continue to provide a diverse range of services to SONA.

President Zaman and team also outlined the following major items that he and his team will focus on: 

1) Establish Advisory Board
2) Establish Registry of Active & Associate Members (Active membership shall be conferred annually on those alumni presenting payment of the annual dues)
3) Membership Drive
4) Reunion
5) Fundraising - Payback Pakistan / SST 
6) Constitution bylaws to clearly define and strengthen election process, handover process etc 

Finally, President Zaman expressed on behalf of the team that the new team would do everything they could to successfully organize all activities, and hope to become a role model for all Sargodhians and attract all outstanding overseas alumni to join SONA, share experiences, grow together, and create a brand new future.