Short Report of Sargodhian Website

Dear All Sargodhians:

My name is Malik Asim Masood and I am the new person incharge of running our newly created Sargodhians Alumni office.  My primary job is to keep all Sargodhians abreast of all the things happening at college as well as keeping them informed of sargodhian projects such as SST and Neelab.

I am also incharge of maintaining our newly created website that can be accessed at Home page | Sargodhians Alumni WebSite

Home page | Sargodhians Alumni WebSite


For the last several months, much of my time has been spent on locating all sargodhians all over the world. By the grace of God, we have located and registered over 980 sargodhians on our website. While that is a good number, our short term goal is to register at least 2000 sargodhians. If you have not already visited, I urge you to visit our site and self register. I also request you to forward this email to as many sargodhians as you know so that we can continue to register more sargodhains on our website.

Once we have majority of sargodhians registered, the new website can become an important resource for individual chapters as well as it can become a good and valuable resource of informing you about different event and activities whether inside the college or elsewhere.

It is my intent to keep you informed of the latest development about our college. To this end, I will continue to send you newsletters and updates via email. I will also continue to post pictures of events and activities related to PAF college Alumni.

If any of you have any question, please feel free to reach me via Email, phone or whats app.


Malik Asim Masood



Whatsapp No. 03347516320