Well Done Sargodhian's

Well Done Sargodhian's

Sargodhians participated in the HRCA Art and Creative Writing competition held across the country in April, 2018. Nine talented Sargodhians clinched positions in their respective categories.

           Student Name                  Category                          Award

  • Shaheer Ahmad               Creative Writing               Laptop
  • Ali Gohar                          Creative Writing               Gold Medal
  • Muhammd Hassan           Creative Writing               Gold Medal
  • Shahwali Wani                  Creative Writing               Gold Medal
  • Yasir Noor                         Creative Writing               Gold Medal
  • Ahmad Zia                        Creative Writing               Silver Medal
  • Ashal Akhtar                     Art                                    Gold Medal
  • Bilal Zahid                        Art                                     Bronze Medal
  • Hammad Ali                     Art                                     Bronze Medal

The House of Representatives for Culture and Art (HRCA) provides a splendid forum every year for competent students to showcase their talent in the fields of Art, Creative Writing and Science. The good result of Sargodhians in this competition is reflective of their valued interest and cognizance of harnessing their abilities. Well done Sargodhians!